The difference between education and
life changing education
for a child struggling in school
is simply two words.
- Presatore® Academy
And it's a difference that means more than grades. We can help develop the confidence and knowledge in your child to allow him or her to achieve whatever can be imagined; and the tools to navigate life in society and the marketplace with growth and productivity - and make the difference between struggle and success.

But the defining assets we offer are experience and strategic insight: the experience of a staff with a unique ability and wisdom to engage and communicate with students. And the strategic knowledge to help your child learn and master core subject matter and the skills needed to achieve and attain aspired goals - whether that means organizational management of time, thoughts, and work efficiency; fundamentals of oral and written communication; principles of processing, assembly, packaging and presentation; or the art of reflective assessment and complex problem solving.

Education is often spoken of. But life changing education demands an understanding of the issues that students with classroom difficulties face due to learning differences; the connecting of a student with his or her career or vocational endpoint to instill motivational foresight; the re - structuring of a student's "knowing" of how to learn and perform for success; and the cultivation of the whole student to become a leader, innovator and thinker. And that means Presatore® Academy.
Presatore® Academy
Life Changing EducationTM